Peter Sebring - SPUTNIK


Special thanks to Klaus-Dieter Keusgen
and Matthias Höfkens
@ Keusgen Tonstudio

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Love to:
Planet Earth
Thom Panunzio
Steve "Renman" Rennie
Richard King

(now I know what impact means)
Vocals and Poem on Borderline: Ayda
Violins on Borderline: Anna Maria Jungfer
Vocals on Better Of Yet: Katrin Hohl
Lead-Vocals on The Return of Uncle Floyd And Mr S: Thorsten Krome
Drums: Matthias Höfkens
Additional Drums on Shrine: Michel Lechim
Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals: Peter Sebring

All songs written by Peter Sebring

Recorded at the Edge of the Night Studio, Bocholt and Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern

Mixing and Mastering: Klaus-Dieter Keusgen
Production: Peter Sebring
Co-Production: Stefan Flores and Klaus-Dieter Keusgen
released on June, 6th 2012